We are licensed and bonded by IATAN and connected to TSA

Ticketing Department

Travel Concepts for Business, LLC is licensed and bonded by IATAN to issue airline tickets for 170 airlines and their affiliates that are members of the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC)

Benefits of Using Our Ticketing Department

  • Issue airline tickets
  • Exchange tickets
  • Cancel and store credits for unused tickets
  • Protect airfares – alert travelers
  • Corporate discount programs applied
  • Apply frequent flyer numbers
  • Advise of fare increases and decreases

We Are Connected to the Traffic Safety Administration

Travel Concepts for Business, LLC's airline reservations system is linked to TSA so every passenger's requirements are stored in a secure area for TSA to see. Every reservation that Travel Concepts for Business, LLC processes is profiled as a VIP for the airline and TSA.